Please Get The Word Out!

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Please Get The Word Out!

Post  Biz on Wed Nov 26, 2008 7:39 am

Hello there people!

I apologize that things are still DOWN at the original site. I got an email from the host:

I know the site is down and has been, per **** there is a global outage that is affecting quite a few datacenters not just in the US but abroad. I made two phone calls about an hour ago to people I know and they both told me that there is a backbone down in NY and another backbone down in Europe, here it is affecting a swath of T1 servers from LA to Dallas, and another patch up and down the East Coast. First the forum was down but now the entire site is down and I am also having issues with a few large websites like MSN, HuffingtonPost and CNN, so it's going on all over. All we can do is wait for things to come back up.

If you can, please let as many people know as you can that we are here at this Temp Forum until things get back to normal. I don't want anyone feeling left out. All of us have written eMails back and forth to people - please drop them an eMail giving them this URL and also ask them to contact people THEY may know. You know, do the whole tell two friends, they tell two friends, and so on, and so on. (How many of you remember the 'Breck" commercial?)

Again, so sorry this is happening, and we are working on it as fast as we can. We do hope that by today we will be back to normal.



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